A spreadsheet can serve many purposes in an educational setting. This is a convienient way for teachers to organize material, whether it is a list of books or students. The teacher can edit the database as well as post it on the web for students or parents to see. This is another simple way to organize data that is accessible to everyone in an educational setting.
Title Copyright Year ISBN Number Publisher Name Purchase Price Date Purchased Pages
How to Ruin my Teenage life20081569874521556Llewellyn10102008300
Leaving Paradise20081569852665556Smith885102008256
The Lovely Bones20051256987456255Johnson6101508156
To Kill a Mockingbird19861236523652365Lee525100108325
Brave New World19981458745896587Huxley1095100208222
The Things they Carried20041236598745521O'Brien96590808256
Their Eyes were Watching God19961254899622541Morrison56940508236
The Catcher in the Rye19872548796524120Salinger95860808520
The Old Man and The Sea19581236544895523Hemingway68962108235
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