Creating a data base that students have assess to is beneficial in a classroom because they are able to see the different classroom copies of books. This can be recreational or for classroom based activities.
Title Copyright Year ISBN Number Publisher Name Purchase Price Date Purchased Pages
The Jane Austen Book Club2005240Plume1410106-4
Julie and Julia2006-1651Back Bay Books1450306-2
Here if You Need Me2007-6948Back Bay Books14122108-22
Leaving Paradise2007-6419Flux95308-3
Tuesdays with Morrie1997-8272Broadway Books12122108-9
Sweet Ruin2006-15175Washington Square Press1411707-14
Pledge2004-16735Hyperion Books1432106-39
The Pact1998114Harper Perennial14112899-107
One Fifth Avenue2008114Hyperion Books2662508-10
Chasing Harry Winston2008-6544Simon and Schuster2642508-66
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