A database can be a useful tool in an English classroom. Having a database in the classroom can aid in keeping track of a classroom library.
Title Copyright Year ISBN Number Publisher Name Purchase Price Date Purchased Pages
American Born Chinese20069781596431522First Second112008233
Drown19961573220418Riverhead Books142008208
Ghost World20031560974273Thompson & Groth9200780
The Great Gatsby1925743273567Scribner92004180
To Kill A Mockingbird1960446310786Warner Books72001281
Monster1999978006440731Harper Tempest102008281
Tangerine19979780152012465Harcourt Books102008303
Topdog Underdog20029781559362016Theatre Communications Group72008110
Weezie bat198960736259HarperCollins Publishers82007109
Wicked199560391448Regan Books202000409
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