Many of these books have coming of age and searching themes. The characters are searching for peace, for truth, for a murderer, for justice, the perfect society, even an a tiny Indian child. These two themes are very relevant for teenagers; they, too, are searching during this period, searching for their identities, searching for love, for answers about life after college, etc. So, the students will be able to relate to these books while they study literary elements such as theme, irony, characterization, imagery, etc.
Title Copyright Date ISBN Number Publishing Company Purchase Price Purchase Date Pages
Catcher in the Rye19519780316769488Little, Brown and Company71121224
The Great Gatsby1925743273567089Scribner131121192
Evangeline18479781565544741Pelican Publishing Company71121121
198419619780451524935Signet Classics101121268
To Kill A Mockingbird19619780446310789Grand Central Publishing88160
A Midsummer Night's Dream15949780743477543Washington Square Press61121256
The Turn of the Screw18989781580491617Prestwick House, Inc.41121142
Cyrano de Bergerac2004553213601234Bantam51121227
The Lovely Bones2007316001821876Back Bay Books171121368
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