These are books that I have read at various times in my life that have influenced me. I hope they can lead others down new paths.
Title Copyright Year ISBN Number Publisher Name Purchase Price Date Purchase Pages
Hellboy: Seed of Destruction19949781593070946Dark Horse Comics18200893
By Night In Chile2000811215474New Directions142008130
Dearly Devoted Dexter2005385511248Double Day232007292
The Odyssey1996670821624Penguin152003541
The Iliad1990140275363penguin162003683
Farenheit 4511953345342968Ballantine Books72000190
Lost In Translation1989140127739Penguin Books152004280
Fight Club1996393327345Norton & Company14200217
Night of the Triffids2001340766018Hodder and Stoughton72002469
The Dream Quest of the Unknown Kadath1939345337794Random House141999241
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