This database is useful to organize resources for teachers to readily access. Not only could a teacher use this database for his/her own personal use, but it is organized in a way that makes sharing the resources practical.
title Copyright year ISBN Number Publisher name Purchase Price Date Purchased Pages
No Fear Shakespeare20031928374857463Sparke Publisher6-1283
Lady of Shalott19821928374029381Grafics Publishing12-717
A Room of One's Own19781840283482948Liberty Cloud12-517
Appreciating Literature19971638472946372Rocket Publishig459555
Kubla Khan19921829402830492Mhengato Publishing15-2165
Beowulf19963749283740029Corwin Press16-97173
Dr. Faustus19861827394719287Penguin Press136245
The Chimney Sweeper1992192702836182Freedom Bell14-512
A Validiction: Forbid Mourning199519205743029111Wishbone Publishing17-115
Dream of the Rood19996291849283728Ancient Paths1-156
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