This mixture and combination of classic novels as well as graphic novels and poetry will allow students to get a well rounded understanding of literature. It is necessary to provide material that students will learn from as well as enjoy. The normal novels will be separated by a modern novel or book of short stories and poems. This will allow students to form comparisons between the two different types of writing a story.
Title Copyright year ISBN Number Publisher Name Purchase Price Date Purchased Number Pages
Weetzie Bat198960736259Harper Collins8109
One Hundred Demons20021570613370Sasquatch Books25216
Leaving Paradise20079780738710181Flux Publishing9303
American Born Chinese20021596431520First Second82008232
Perks of Being a Wallflower1999671027344MTV Books132008213
The Great Gatsby1925684830426Scribner Publishing252008170
The Handsmaid Tale198638549081Anchor Books142007311
Clandestine Poems1986915306913Curbstone Publishing92007183
Walden and Civil Disobedience1983140390448Penguin Group12431
Accidental Species200592590449Chax Press162007105
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