This database contains ten books in which I can choose to use any of these novels in my future high school classroom.
Title Copyright Year ISBN number Publisher Name Purchase Price Date Purchased Pages
Catcher in the Rye1951241891192Little, Brown and Company22120108256
To Kill a Mockingbird200260925682Harper Perennial Modern Classi10120108336
The Great Gatsby20041417646852Topeka Bindery22120108180
The Things They Carried19989780767902892Broadway10120108227
The Adventures of Huck Finn20059781580495837Prestwick House Inc.5120108280
The Scarlet Letter20049780743487566Pocket4120108400
Their Eyes Were Watching God20069780061120060Harper Perennial Modern Classi11120108256
Of Mice and Men20029780142000670Penguin10120108112
The Grapes of Wrath20029780142000663Penguin12120108464
Death of a Salesmen19989780140481341Penguin (Non-Classics)10120108144
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