Completion of this activity provides the appropriate knowledge needed to create a working database. This skill will be useful in a school setting when looking at the library systems. With the knowledge and practice from learning how to create a database, I can further apply it to the skills that may be required in a school system.
Title Copyright ISBN Number Publisher Name Purchase Price Date Purchased Pages
The Diary of Anne Frank19602358793245809Apple Books132008200
Huckleberry Finn19503458724938573Apple Books82008350
Twilight20052934857398473Apple Books112008450
New Moon20062872958274598Apple Books112008450
Eclipse20062423572985729Apple Books212007450
Breaking Dawn20073468739634759Apple Books212008400
Perks of Being a Wallflower20012357298572984MTV books132007220
Catcher in the Rye19512223940677384Brown Littel82006300
To Kill a Mockingbird19652398572985732Brown Littel102001350
Wicked20055729293948947Brown Littel162007500
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