The students will be required to read different types of literature while in my class. This document will help the students know what materials will be read or discussed in class giving them the opportunity to look up these texts and find background information on them, or to even purchase them. This list will be made available for the students the first day of class so that they will be prepared well in advance.
Title Copyright Year ISBN Number Publisher Name Purchase Price Date Purchased Pages
War and Peace1869679600841Penguin Classics121201081474
Moby Dick1856142437247Penguin books10120108724
Emma18159780141439587Penguin Books8120108516
Adventures of Huckleberry Finn18991580495834Puffin Books5120108204
The Great Gatsby1925978014062018Penguin Books5120808192
Crime and Punishment1984-74347785Bantam Classics5120108704
The Invisible Man2002-45151874Penguin Books5120108196
Beloved1987-140002363Random House10120108352
Jane Eyre2006-14143136Penguin Classics8120108624
Great Expectations2006-14142978Penguin CLassics8120108544
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