A program like this one would be helpful tool in a library or a school bookstore. It allows one to look up information on a book such as the publisher name or page number in a quick way. It also is easy and fast to enter information. I think a program that allows people to put books into a data system would also be helpful if a school wanted to share books with other schools or libraries. This tool can also be used by a teacher to keep track of the books used in the classroom. The teacher can also give quick information to others on the books they used.
Title Copyright year ISBN Number Publisher Name Purchase Price Date Purchased Pages
Perks of Being A Wallflower1999-2433Pocket Books141203213
The Handmaid's Tale1998-49470Anchor Books14803262
Fight Club1996-33132W.W.Norton & Company15501217
Me Talk Pretty2006-78089Back Bay Books151207285
Killing Yourself to Live2006-14952Scribner151207398
Richard the 2nd1996-14953Washington Square5699290
Impulse2007-3553Simon Pulse10608702
Crank2004-86230Simon Pulse10608537
Burned2006-3547Simon Pulse10608532
Glass2005-86394Simon Pulse10608621
fear and Loathing in Las Vegas1971-78297Vintage14501204
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