Here are the current members of RETRiBUTiON, if your character needs to be added or something needs to be changed please alert the staff by posting on the update board.
Name Gender Breed Colour Mutations OOC Player Contact Email Tsatio or Uchna
PaxreviareMarePony HybridDapple grey [ lilac in certain lights]Wings and a feline tailMoosedee_migh_tee@hotmail.comTsatio
AryaMareMustang x ArabDark BrownNoneEva -----Uchna
KapulischStallLipizzaner x Anglo ArabiaBlack OveroBlack and white magpie wings and pitch black eyes (no pupils)Zanrekeina@yahoo.comTsatio
AmbraMareHybridWhite with silver streaks in mane and tailFeathery wingsEva----
MutlawStallPeruvian PasoPalomino with a blaze, a stocking and a sockNoneMoosedee_migh_tee@hotmail.comUchna
MortaeroStallGypsey VannerPiebaldScales and sabre teethLostriss----
CytheraMareAmerican saddlebredCremelloGold wings and sabre teethLostriss--Tsatio
SulfurasMareAndalusianDark SilverDark silver, membranous wingsSabzsabzruiz@hotmail.comTsatio
AnubisStallAndalusianBlack with a sockNoneLevarax.Cheekie.x@hotmail.comUchna
PsychophreniaStallArabian/LipizzanerBlack, shimmers red at certain angles, faded red tattoos from tip of nose to hindquartersRed eyes and bighorn sheep style hornsZanrekeina@yahoo.comTsatio
DygerbiMareArabianWhite with blue eyes and silver mane and tail.Eternally blooming flowers entwined in her
ReveMareClydesdale PonyDark brown paint [tiger stripes] Pale lavender eyes flecked with metallic gold and dark purpleLarge wings [similar to a frillback pigeon]Bri---Tsatio
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