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Book Title Author ISBN Publisher Copyright Year Copyright Location Date Purchased Purchased Price Pages Description
Confederates in the AtticTony Horwitz67975833.00Vintage1999-02-22NY2007-05-1415422A journey though the South to look at how the people in the South feel about the Civil War today.
Daily Life in the United States 1920-1940David E. Kyvig1566635845.00Ivan R. Dee2004-09-25CA2006-04-1442350A look at the lives of regular people during events such as the Roaring Twenties, the Great Depression, and the lead up to WWII.
Life: WWII History's Greatest Conflict in PicturesRichard Stolley82127718.00Time Warner2001-10-31NY2008-01-0919352Explore primary source pictures from WWII to get a greater understanding of how the war took place.
The First World WarJohn Keegan375700455.00Vintage Publishing2000-05-16NY2008-01-1610528Keegan tells the story of how World War I came to be, followed by a description of the War and the conclusion.
The Great Crash of 1929John Gallbraith395859999.00Mariner Books1997-04-30WA1999-11-1518224The Great Crash was what started the Great Depression, this book explores the crash and the problems that lead up to it.
The Great Depression-America 1929-1941Robert Mcelvaine8812923278.00Three Rivers Press1993-12-05PA2000-06-249432A look at one of the saddest times in American History. This book explores how the Great Depression affected the everyday life of the people of America.
The Making of the Atomic BombRichard Rhodes684813785.00Simon/Schuster1995-08-01IL2000-01-0653928Exploring the making of the biggest bomb ever used to kill people in the world. This will explore how the bomb was made, and for what reasons.
The Rise of Theodore RooseveltEdmund Morris375756787.00Modern Library2001-11-20NY2008-01-2020920This book documents the upcoming of Theodore Roosevelt. It talks about his military, political, and personal accomplishments and chronicles how he became the peoples President.
The Second World WarMartin Gilbert805076239.00Holt2004-06-01NY2007-08-1150928This near 1000 page book explores World War two from many different angles. It is very detailed and it would be a great spring board for a WWII research project.
Vietnam: A HistoryStanley Karnow140265473.00Penguin1997-06-01MD2003-05-0118784A look at the Vietnam war that explains not only the war, but also the struggle within the United States and the conflict on rather or not the United States should be involved.
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