This database would be useful to teachers for many reasons. The teachers can use this database to post lists of books or other information they would like their students to use for the course or the teachers can have their students create lists of books or other information that they find for a research project. It can also be used for student lists or other contact lists in order for the teacher to be able to have quick access to this type of information. In addition to these uses it the teacher can use this in their classroom to slowly ease the student in creating a Works Cited page and this way they will just be able to plug in the information into a real Works Cited page. This database can be very helpful in the classroom for numerous reasons.
Title Copyright Year ISBN Number Publisher Name Purchase Price Date Purchased Pages
Writing True20089780618370757Norton30108310
In Fact20089780393326659Norton16106198
Romeo and Juliet19879780671722852S&S3108132
Walk Two Moons19919780060233341Harper3108203
Teaching Lit to Adolescents 20079780805841954Erlbaum36108344
Tears of a Tiger19989780689806988S&S5108231
Culturally Speaking 19929780826493101Continuum34108372
Second Language Acquisition 20079780805854985Routlege23108213
How Languages Are Learned 20089780194422246Oxford32108542
Imaginez 20069781600071584Vhl34111200
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