Adolescent Literature
I chose these 10 books for a future lesson plan I would like to initiate to my future students over the summer. I would rather this idea be done throughout the entire school I teach at, but again, this is just an idea. I would have the students look at this database and choose a book to read over the summer and on their return, hand in a response of the book they read. This would encourage students to read over the summer and they get to have a choice in their literature. I chose based on cheap prices found on Amazon and the reading level. I have an array of levels from 5th grade to 12th. This way students at all levels can participate. The included ISBN number and title should help the student find the book with ease at their local library if wanted.
Title Copyright Year ISBN Number Publisher Name Purchase Price Date Purchased Pages
A Child Called It19951558743669Health Communications1010051999184
Great Expectations20029780141439563Penguin Classics85192002544
Go Ask Alice20059781416914631Simon Pulse1012202007224
Pet Sematary 19849780340341483Doubleday & Company88142000367
Madame Bovary20029780140449129Penguin Classics103081998384
Make Lemonade20069780805080704Henry Holt and Co. BYR Paperbacks86172007208
War of the Worlds20029780375759239Modern Library79122004224
Last of the Mohicans20039781593080655Barnes & Noble Classics54032005480
The Black Arrow20089781441405081CreateSpace1112262008142
Fun Reads for Over the Summer
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