The books have been selected to offer a wide variety of interests to students. They span multiple genres and subject matter, from science fiction ("Flowers for Algernon") to horror ("At the Mountains of Madness".) Instead of leaning on well known books, like "The Catcher in the Rye", I opted for a lesser known coming of age story. "The Book of Ralph" takes place in the Chicago suburbs and offers a different take on the coming of age tale. I chose "At the Mountains of Madness" and "The Gunslinger" as complements to one another. I hope to compare the two and offer examples of how horror novels have changed over the years. Because they are meant to complement each other, they are both short, their pages together just exceding 500. As an example of experimental fiction, I've chosen "House of Leaves." This lengthy novel won't be completed, but certain chapters will be chosen to catalyze discussion on experimental fiction. "The Things They Carried" and "The Road" are also meant as complements. They were chosen to illustrate the threat of war and its aftermath, respectively. "One Hundred Years of Solitude" also will not be completed, but chapters from it will be used to discuss foreign literature and also the nature of mankind. Finally, "Watchmen" has been chosen to be read in full. Its purpose is to introduce students to the often overlooked graphic novel, and to discuss the symbolism in class and the influence this novel has had on popular culture and the idea of a superhero. A discussion and possible lecture about the Doomsday Clock will be included. This is a very broad selection of books. It is my hope that students will find at least one of these ten that they can enjoy and relate to.
Title Copyright Year ISBN Number Publisher Name Purchase Price Date Purchased Pages
Flowers for Algernon19669780156030304Mariner Books92007324
The Road20069780739482643Knopf122006241
The Things They Carried19989780767902892Broadway102006272
The Book of Ralph20059780743257770Free Press122005304
One Hundred Years of Solitude20049780060883287Harper Perrenial102008448
The Gunslinger20039780452284692Plume102003264
House of Leaves20009780375703768Pantheon142006709
Me Talk Pretty One Day20019780316776967Back Bay Books102009272
At the Mountains of Madness20059780812974416Modern Library112005224
Watchmen19959780930289232DC Comics122008414
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