This book database is a way for the teacher to keep records of books with accurate and resourceful information. The information on the books in the database also allows for teachers to keep an organized book system within their personal classroom library. Also having the cost of the book in the information is important to have in case the book is lost or stolen.
Title Copyright Year ISBN Number Publisher Name Purchase Price Date Purchased Pages
Fatelessness20041400078636Vintage International1482008262
A Tree Grows In Brooklyn200160736267Harper Perennial1452002493
The Thirteenth Tale2006743298020Washington Square Press1512008406
Night2006374500010Hill and Wang992008120
Geek Love1989394569024Vintage Contemporaries1412008348
The Metamorphosis2004553213695Bantam Classic61200655
Heart of Darkness1990486264645Dover Publications41200672
Frankenstein1994486282112Dover Publications412006166
Having Our Say1993385312520Delta1212006239
Walk Two Moons199464405176Harper Trophy712009280
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