This Database could be used for a classroom list of books that can be read during free reading time or a source from which a student has to pick one of them for a book report. While doubtful I would require them to purchase a book from the list if it were a high school class the ISBN number would be useful in order to get the work from either the school library or a public library. The other information would come in useful when they have look up resources for the paper or book report that they would be required to write. Were I going to use this for a class I might consider leaving off the pages category as that is most likely the one students would focus on.
Title Copyright Year ISBN Number Publisher Name Purchase Price Date Purchased Pages
Moby Dick20069781587263361Borders Classics932608602
Arthur Gordon Pym19949780192837714Oxford University Press4121608301
Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf19629780451218599First Signet Printing4121608257
Absalom, Absalom19869780679732187Vintage International8121608313
Playing in the Dark19929780679745424First Vintage Books111140991
Loose Canons19929780195083507Oxford University Press1111409199
The Boys in the Band20089781593500757Alyson Books15121608114
To Have and Have Not19629780684818986Scribner Paperback Fiction11121609262
Death of a Salesman19679780140247732Penguin Books16121608426
Waiting For Godot19829780802130341Grove Press512160960
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