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Online databases can be utilized by teachers to post books that they want their students to buy online. By providing all of the required books for students and information about them on an easily accessible database, they will know what they need to buy for the school year. A database can enable communication with students and a teacher before a school year even begins. When I teach, I will post required materials for my students online in addition to their grades.
Title Copyright Year ISBN Number Publisher Name Purchase Price Date Purchased Pages
Anicent Rhetoric2009100205574432Pearson5060808462
A History of the English Lang.19999347823890482Penguin6070808324
El Cartero de Neruda20072578023790502Mallas57150879
501 Spanish Verbs20061252302378545Kendris3060807353
Romeo and Juliet20041554531126554Johnson13122308278
Moby Dick20061223344114543Williams30108091000
Teaching Literature20091000000000001Appleman45120208200
The Zombie Survival Guide20071934849285723Llama publishing1560105230
Pedagogy of the Oppressed20061947238573499Aperture1950707270
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