This database is very useful for teachers and students. It is used as a filing system that will be accessible to students and teachers. This filing system will allow students and teachers to look up books and articles based on their title, page number, etc. This will be especially helpful for students looking for research to help them with class, a paper, or those who are looking to read a new book. This is organized and easy to use which will encourage students to use the database as often as they need to. It also encourages the teacher to use the database to enhance learning and allow for creative outlets for students to explore.
Title Copyright Year ISBN Number Publisher Name Purchase Price Date Purchased Pages
English Grammar19959780130615657Pearson25109300
Invention of Solitude19829780140106282Peng USA15109120
Secrets of the Universe20039780807063316Beacon Publishing20110150
Absalom, Absalom!19869780679732181Random10110145
Walk Two Moons19949780060233341Harper12110300
Tears of A Tiger19949780689806988S+S910978
Romeo & Juliet19929780671722852S+S14109400
American Education19989780073525945McGraw25110135
Pedagogy of the Oppressed19719780826412768Continuum15116200
Shame of the Nation20069781400052455Threeriver17117155
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