Rationale: A database such as this would be useful for teachers to have information available to parents. Online information is often more accessible to them and the parents can feel more aware of what is going on in the classroom, and in this instance, what books students will be studying in class and what students need to purchase if necessary. This information can also be used between teachers to share information about different curriculum.
Title Copyright Year ISBN Number Publisher Name Purchase Price Date Purchased Pages
Romeo and Juliet1992671722859Washington Square Press42008281
Homer Price1971140309276Puffin Books62008149
Tears of a Tiger19949780689806988Simon Pulse72008180
Skulduggery Pleasant20079780061231179HarperTrophy82009392
permanent rose20059781416928041Aladdin Paperbacks62008234
The Princess and the Goblin19969780140367461Puffin Classics42009241
The Saturdays19699780312375980Square Fish72009177
Clarice Bean Spells Trouble20049780763629038Candlewick Press62009189
Ramona the Pest1968380709546Avon Books62008192
Franny K. Stein20039780439692625Scholastic Inc.42008102
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