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Rationale: A database such as this could be used to organize available texts for individual reading time. After reading a book, the students could submit summaries and reviews in additional fields. Then other students could access all of the necessary information about each text in an organized, easily accessible format.
Title Copyright Year ISBN Number Publisher Name Purchase Price Date Purchased Pages
As You Like It1997978074348486Washington Square Press6-9263
Walk Two Moons19949780060560133HarperCollins Publishers Inc.7-10276
Tears of a Tiger19949780689806988Simon Pulse7-11180
King Leopold's Ghost19989780618001903Houghton Mifflin Company14-12306
Jane Eyre19949780140620117Penguin Books3-13447
Gone with the Wind19649780446610925Warner Books8-141024
Fahrenheit 4511979978034534296Ballantine Books4-15179
Pride and Prejudice20009780439101352Scholastic Inc.5-16405
Archangel19969780441004326Ace Books8-17390
The Wedding Date20019780060799226Avon Books7-18408
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