Creating the database for this ITPS requirement has really allowed me to see how beneficial this could be when used in my future classroom. As a teacher, I will have to keep track of everything ranging from who has checked out a book from my class library to cataloging, in a database such as this, the many textbooks and other pieces of literature that I have collected for my class. Through completing the construction of this database, I have learned how simple to use they really are and with this new knowledge gained, a database being something I had never made before, I will most certainly employ the use of one of them when I begin teaching. I will also, therefore, be sure to pass on this great tidbit of information, to fellow teachers who, like me, are looking for simplistic ways to organize and store information that is both easily accessible and maintainable to meet the needs of a busy educator.
Title Copyright Year ISBN Number Publisher Name Purchase Price Date Purchased Pages
Crossing California20041594480818The Berkley Publishing Group411209497
Everything is Illuminated2002618173870Harper Perennial14122008276
Falling Man20079781416546023Scribner1292308246
Gravity's Rainbow1973140283382Penguin Books20122008776
Hunger1967380420287Avon Books4102809189
Mumbo Jumbo1972684824779Scribner4102708218
Only Revolutions20071876881732Pantheon Books2541908356
The Aesthetics of Excess1989791400530State University of NY Press1011209208
The Mute's Soliloquy1999140289046Penguin Books4102808375
The Road2006307265439ALfred A. Knoff15102608241
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