This type of database would be useful because it includes textbook information that would be beneficial to any instructor, whether for a high school setting or for college. A database such as this would be of great use for any instructor assigned the task of keeping track of textbook information that accumulates over the years. All the information is available in one location where it is easily accessible once a query is entered into the database.
Title Copyright Year ISBN Number Publisher Name Purchase Price Date Purchased Pages
Different Hours2000393322327W.W. Norton & Company1260207121
Blood, Tin, Straw2004375707352Alfred A, Knopf1512706125
We came all the way from Cuba so you could dress like this?199493941693Cleis Press, Inc.1110509131
The Awakening1993486277860Dover Publications, Inc.110304116
Pablo Neruda: Selected Poems1990395544181Houghton Mifflin1751508508
The Cancer Journals19801879960737Aunt Lute Books138040899
Second Class Citizen1974807610666George Braziller1080408174
Ethan Frome1995393966356W.W. Norton10122707183
Naked1997316777730Little, Brown and Company1510907291
Space and Place1977816638772University of Minnesota Press1780408203
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