This would be beneficial to keep a record of books that I have in my classroom for my students' use. This database would help keep everything organized and the students would know what books I have to offer them.
Title Copyright Year ISBN Number Publisher Name Purchase Price Date Purchased Pages
Tears of A Tiger19949780689806988Childrens Publishing Division41209130
Teaching Lit to Adolescents20069780805841954Lawerence111209255
The Absolutely True Diary of20079780316013680Library of Congress31209230
Who Am I Without Him20049781423103837Hyperion books for children61309220
Audrey, Wait20089781595141910Penguin151309313
The Chocolate War19749780375829871Pantheon Books31509253
Punk Rock Etiquette the Ultima20089781596434158Holtzburinck111209126
X-Indian Chronicles20069780763627065CandleWick Press41209231
What They Found20079780385321389Random House Childrens Book51509243
Feed20029780763622596CandleWick Press52409299
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