This database is designed to keep track of what books are in the classroom's library. Students can add to the library if they have a book they feel is interesting, or list the recommendations for the class. Another sign out sheet will be used to indicate when a student has checked the book out and when they returned it. If need-be, the books can be replaced through this record.
Title Copyright Year IBSN Number Publisher Name Purchase Price Date Purchased Pages
Confessions of a Serial Kisser20089780375842481Alfred A. Knopf1610122008294
New Moon2006978031602496Little, Brown and Company117112008563
Walk Two Moons1994978006440571HarperCollins Publishers Inc.78222008280
Tears of a Tiger19949780689806988Simon Pulse71222009180
The Body of Christopher Creed2000978078681641Harcourt, Inc.75182008331
Romeo and Juliet19929780671722852Pocket Books51272009278
The Host20089780316068048Little, Brown and Co149142008619
Little Stories20089781432727277Outskirts Press, Inc.11222009101
The Used World20079780743247795Free Press11222009320
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