These are the books that in significant ways have influenced my view of the world.
Title Copyright Year ISBN Number Publisher Name Publisher Price Date Purchased Pages
A Midsummer Night's Dream20009780140714555Penguin Books5200888
Wicked19959780060987107HarperCollins Publishers Inc.162008406
Tears of a Tiger19949780689806988Simon Pulse72009180
Ghost World19989781560974277Fantagraphics books12200880
American Born Chinese20069781596431522The Rosary Comic Book152008233
The Great Gatsby19929780684801520Scribner Paperback Fiction102008189
The Curious Incident of the Dog...20039781400032716Vintage92008226
Walk Tow Moons19949780064405171Harper Trophy72009280
The Catcher in the Rye19519780316769488Little, Brown and Company72008214
To Kill a Mockingbird19609780606001052Turtleback72008281
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