A mixture of intriguing best selling books.This database will be there to keep a library record of books I have read and found intriguing. It can be used as a way for students to see my reading list and how to find the items I have read. The information is easily accessed and will help to give students a look into what I read prior to teaching. Accessing this database allows for support on many educational purposes for students; they will be able to look at texts outside of the canon and classroom. The students will also be able to find popular and best selling texts through this database.
Title Copyright Year ISBN Number Publisher Name Purchase Price Date Purchased Pages
The Associate2009-38550805Doubleday2821109384
Run for Your Life2009-31600896Little, Brown and Company2821109384
Breaking Dawn2008-31605814Little, Brown Young Readers2321109768
The Love Dare2008-80543907B&H Books1521109224
Watchmen1995-93027945DC Comics2021109416
A Thousand Spendid Suns2007-159447972RIverhead2621109372
Blink:The Power of Thinking2007-31600088Back Bay Books1621109320
The Lucky One2008-44657015Grand Central Publishing2521109336
The Notebook2004-44659545Warner Books2021109239
The Secret2006-158269192Atria Books/Beyond Words2421109198
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