It is important for teachers to have an organized way to file all of their teaching resources. An online database is an great way to organize the books that I would like to use currently, or in future classes. Also by having the database online, I could pull it up at any computer to show to fellow teachers.
Title Copyright Year ISBN Number Publisher Name Publisher Price Date Purchased Pages
The Shack20089780964729230Windblown Media15209256
Emma17795120485653894London Books1209398
The Notebook19991039485764357North Carolina Lit11209187
Luna20051048593847629Bright Star Publishing8209248
Blass Me, Ultima19759283746596884New Mexico Fiction6209245
Tuesdays With Morrie19981038573859303Teachers' Friends, Inc.12209165
Twilight20089473294738393Vampires Inc.20209560
Cut20012385769475496Self Help Press7209200
The Five People You Meet in Heaven20027495730475048Ferris Wheel Publishing13209178
Eat, Pray, Love20043857490267504Indonesia Press18209395
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