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I feel that this resource will help in the classroom when trying to keep track of books that the students have read. I feel that it would be important for each student to have an account like this so they can visually keep track of the books they are reading.
Title Copyright Year ISBN Number Publisher Name Purchase Price Date Purchased Pages
Breaking Dawn20089780316067928Little Brown & Co.17209768
The Great Gatsby19289258963158741Peguin Press11109225
On the Road19469587415689841Pioneer Press15103331
The Guardian19962356897415894Little Town Publishing12203278
Emma18862568974156871Old Town Printing10209455
The Bridges of Madison County19569584156478913New York Printing13503226
Twilight20042589456213527Pearson & Co.19206465
The Notebook20012589631598423Wrigley Press7605268
Cat's Cradle19582598465125895Twin Cities Printing15596249
Sirens of Titan19659563215842039London Press15803365
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