Number President State Age Elected # of Terms Political Party Vice President Highest Education Occupation Main Issues Year Elected
26Roosevelt, TheodoreNY42RepublicanFairbanks, CharlesHarvard CollegeLieutenant Colonel, New York GovernorPanama Canal, Yellow Fever1901
7Jackson, AndrewTN62DemocraticCalhoun, John Van Buren, MartinHigh SchoolLandowner, Lawyer, JudgeIndian Removal, Expansion Outwards1829
28Wilson, WoodrowVA57DemocraticMarshall, Thomas R.College/Princeton, College/John HopkinsGovernor of New JerseySegregation, World War 11913
9Harrison, William H.OH68WhigTyler, JohnCollege-Hampden SydneyMilitary Major General, PoliticianDied first month in office1840
25McKinley, WilliamOH64RepublicanGarret, Hobart Roosevelt, TheodoreCollege-AlleghenyLawyerassassinated1896
33Truman, Harry SMO61DemocraticBarkley, AlbenCollege-Kansas City University Law SchoolSmall businessman, Vice President, FarmerEnd of World War Two1945
23Harrison, BenjaminIN56RepublicanMorton, LeviCollege: Miami UniversityServed in the American civil war, represented Indiana in house of representatives. He was a lawyerAuthorized the coming of silver currency with the sherman silver purchase act of 1890.1889
35Kennedy, John F.MA43DemocraticJohnson, Lyndon B.PrincetonSenatorWar in Vietnam1961
30Coolidge, CalvinMA51RepublicanDawes, CharlesCollege- Amherst UniversityLawyer in MassachusettsThe Great Mississippi River Flood of 19271923
3Jefferson, ThomasVA58Democratic PepublicainBurr, Arron Clinton, GeorgeCollege of William and MaryVice PresidentWhiskey Rebellion XYZ Affair1801
15Buchanan, JamesPA66DemocraticBreckinridge, JohnCollege-DickinsonLawyerthoughts of Civil War1857
6Adams, John QuincyMA58RepublicanCalhoun, JohnCollege- HarvardLawyer, Secretary of State1825
22Cleveland, GroverNY48DemocraticHendricks, ThomasNoneLawyerNone1885
37Nixon, Richard M.NY52RepublicanAgnew, Spiro Ford, Gerald R.College - Duke Universityserved in navy, ran for congresssigned peace treaty with North Vietnam , resigned before inpeached1969
31Hoover, Herbert C.CA55RepublicanCurtis, CharlesCollege- Stanford UniversityEngineerThe Great Depression1929
32Roosevelt, Franklin D.NY51DemocraticGarner, John Wallace, Henry Truman, Harry S.Harvard College, Columbia Law SchoolNew York Senator, Assistant Secretary of the Navy, New York GovernorThe Great Depression, World War II, Pearl Harbor, Death, Russo-Japanese War1933
34Eisenhower, Dwight D.NY63RepublicanNixon, Richard M.College - United States Military at West PointHe was general of the army from 1915 - 1953Space race, Social security, Interstate highway system1953
4Madison, JamesVA58FederalistClinton, GeorgeCollege-PrincetonPolitician, WriterWar of 18121809
1Washington, GeorgeVA57noneAdams, Johnnoneplantation owner, farmer, soldierwhiskey rebellion1789
40Reagon, RonaldCA69RepublicanBush, George, W. H.Eureka collegeWorked as a picture and television actor, Served as governor of CaliforniaOrdered invasion of Grenda in 1983 to break up marxist coup.Launched air strikes on libya.1981
29Harding,Warren G.OH56RepublicanColidge,CalvinOhio Central CollegeBaptistDied in office1915
27Taft, William H.OH51RepublicanSherman, JamesCollege- YaleFederal Circuit Judge1909
10Tyler, JohnVA51WhigNoneCollege of William and MaryVice President, Member of the U.S House of Representitives, Governer of Virginia.Texas was added to the U.S after the war with Mexico, Tyler's cabinet resigned during his term.1841
14Pierce, FranklinNH48DemocratKing, WilliamBowdoin College law schoolMexican WarKansas, Nebraska Act1853
43Bush, George W.
16Lincoln, AbrahamIL38Whig, RepublicainHamlin, Hannibal Johnson, Andrew18 MonthsLawyerAssassinated Civil War1860
39Carter, JamesGA53DemocraticMondale, WalterCollege- Georgia Southern College College- Georgia TechPeanut FarmerNone1976
17Johnson, AndrewTN57RepublicanNoneNo formal educationVice president, congressmanTwo violent riots in the South due to race, was impeached1865
21Arthur, Chester A.NY52RepublicannoneUnion CollegeLawyer, 20th Vice President of U.S.Pendition Civil Service Reform Act1881
13Fillmore, MillardNY50WhigNoneNoneVice President, Farmer, Lawyer, Military ServiceZachary Taylor died in office1850
18Grant, Ulysses S.TN47RepublicanColfar,ShuglarCollege-U.S MilitaryGeneral of armyMexican war1869
20Garfield James A.OH50RepublicanAuthur Chester A.Williams CollegeSenator1881
36Johnson, Lyndon B.TX55DemocraticHumphrey, HubertCollege- Southwest Texas State Teachers CollegeVice president, congressmanVietnam War, escalated Vietnam War, did not seek reelection because of failure to end Vietnam War1963
19Hayes, Rutherford B.OH55RepublicanWheeler, WilliamKenyon College, Harvard LawLawyerAftermath of Civil War, Black Rights1877
2Adams, JohnMA62FederalistJefferson, ThomasCollege- HarvardLawyer, Vice PresidentFrench Revolution1797
5MonroeJamesVA59Democratic/RepublicanTompkins,DanielCollege of William and MaryPolitcianNo1816
43Bush, George W.Tx54RepublicanCheney, RichardCollege- Yale, HarvardGovernor of Texas9/11, War in Iraq, War in Afganistan, Bad Economy2001
41Bush, George H. W.TX64RepublicanQuayle, Danforth J.College- YaleVice President, Congressman from Texas, Director of CIA, Ambassador of the United NationsCold War, Gulf War1989
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