As a future teacher, it is important for me to find an organized way to file all of my teaching materials. By choosing a method such as an online database, I can access this material from any location. Also on that note, my fellow teachers will also be able to access my database to see if I have any materials that will benefit their classroom.
Title Copyright Year ISBN Number Publisher Name Purchase Price Date Purchased Pages
Cut20024847203493729Self Help Books, Inc.8209190
A Bend in the Road20039474027383629North Carolina Press17209340
Tuesdays With Morrie19982739363956249Weekly Press15209168
Mad Girls in Love20011938302746505Southern Belle Books21209345
Summer Sisters19971036293640274Summer Lovin', Inc.13209225
Luna20021932384973402Moonlight Press10209205
Bless Me, Ultima19823930837415340New Mexico Publishing5209269
Emma18877055345775932Austen Books2209365
Lost in Translation19959473628346232U.S. Press7209175
The Lucky One20083849027402983North Carolina Press17209300
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