The purpose of creating an online database is very practical once applied to a classroom. Once I enter a high school classroom, organization will become a key factor in my everyday life. By having a database, such as this, I (as well as other teachers) can put together different lists of books, articles, stories, etc for their classrooms to use while they are teaching. It gives information as to how much a book can cost, as well as how long it is. I can also see these types of databases being useful for such ideas as projects. Teachers can put together a list of all the projects students will complete that year in a database to make it more accessible than having two hundred word documents on their computers. I think for myself especially, I would find a database like this very helpful in that I could keep myself very organized, something I am prone to not be. I really think that this type of storing information can be beneficial to space, time, and sanity for not only myself, but my students as well. Giving them the tools such as this database can help them have all the information required for class and thus make their lives a bit easier too. So overall, I think that the idea of a database in the classroom, or even for one’s own personal reasons can help make life a bit easier, cleaner, and much more efficient.
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