The purpose of this online database was to begin creating a way for me to organize my personal library. I have a ton of novels that are floating around all over my house at school, my house at home, and several friends' houses. Some of my books are adult books, but most are young adult. By organizing all my books into one database, I can provide my future students with books books they want to read in their free time. Since there is such a vast majority of books in my collection, strugging readers, average readers, and more experienced readers can have the opportunity to find a book they'll enjoy in my personal library.
Title Copyright Year ISBN Number Publisher Name Purchase Price Date Purchased Pages
Enchanted, Inc.2005345481259Ballantine Books1310/25/2006308
Once Upon Stilettos2006345481275Ballantine Books1408/12/2006303
Damsel Under Stress20079780345492920Ballantine Books1310/04/2007306
Don't Hex with Texas20089780345492937Ballantine Books1412/2/2008292
When it Happens2006670060291Viking1811/5/2008310
Pants on Fire20079780060880156Harper Collins1705/9/2008260
Jinx20079780060837648Harper Collins1712/27/2008262
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince2005439784549Scholastic3008/31/2005652
The Host20089780316068048Little, Brown2606/1/2008619
Breaking Dawn20089780316067928Little, Brown2310/5/2008754
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