This database is a great way to keep track of books purchased and kept in a classroom library. The reason this database is a meaningful one is because it will help teachers to find what they are looking for quickly. There are many other columns which can be added besides the ones used, which can also help to keep a teacher's library organized. The books I choose to use for this database are specifically for adolescents.
Title Copyright Year ISBN Number Publisher Name Purchase Price Date Purchased Pages
I Know Why the Caged Bird Sing1969-28498Bantam Book63505289
The Giver1993-24216Dell Laurel-Leaf62399179
The Curious Incident2003-7277Random House121107226
Slam!1996-49261Scholastic Inc.66600266
The Devil's Arithmatic1988-34552Puffin Books67197170
Yang the Youngest and His Ter1992-41366Yearling45699134
Hatchet1987-81579First Aladdin Paperbacks63688195
The Pigman1968-26882Harper and Row Publishers65899149
Life in Prison1998-58819Morrow Junior Books6670380
Harry Potter and the Prisoner1999-14084Arthur A. Levine Books85702435
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