Year Published Title Author Urban Expatriate Import Translation Reprint
1752The Female Quixote, or the Adventures of ArabellaLennox, CharlotteY (England)
1758HenriettaLennox, CharlotteY (England)
1768SophiaLennox, CharlotteY (England)
1770History of Charles WentworthBancroft, EdwardY (England)
1774A Pretty Story, Written in the Year of Our Lord 2774Hopkinson, Francis
1775The Adventures of AlonsoAnon. (Thomas Atwood Digges)YY (England)
1784M. Mis Mac Rea, Roman HistoriqueHilliard, D'Auberteuil
1786VictoriaRowson, Susanna
1787The Algerine Spy in PennsylvaniaPeter MarkoeY
1789The Power of SympathyBrown, William Hill
1790Memoirs of the Bloomsgrove FamilyHitchcock, Enos
1790EuphemiaLennox, CharlotteY (England)
1790The Female AmericanWinkfield, Unca ElizaY (England)Y (1767)
1792The Foresters, an American TaleBelknap, Jeremy
1792Modern ChivalryBrackenridge, Hugh HenryY
1793The Farmer's Friend, or the History of Mr. Charles WorthyHitchcock, Enos
1793The Emigrants, or th History of an Expatriated FamilyImlay, GilbertYY (England)
1793The Inquisitor, or Invisible RamblerRowson, Susanna
1793The Posthostumous Works of Ann Eliza Bleecker in Prose and VerseBleecker, Ann ELiza
1794Charlotte, a Tale of TruthRowson, SusannaYY (England)
1795The Art of Courting: Displayed in Eight Different ScenesBradford, Ebenezer
1795Trials of the Human HeartRowson, Susanna
1796Alexis, or the Cottage in the WoodsAnon.
1796Berkley Hall, or the Pupil of ExperienceAnon.Y (England)
1797The History of Constantius and PulcheraAnon.
1797Fortune's Football, or the Adventures of MercutioButler, James
1797New Travels to the WestwardDescalves, Don Alonso
1797The Coquette, or the History of Eliza WhartonFoster, Hannah Webster
1797Infidelity, or the Victims of SentimentRelf, Samuel
1797The Algerine CaptiveTyler, Royall
1797CynthiaAnon.Y (England)Y (1687)
1797Female Friendship, or the Innocent SuffererAnon.
1797The Female ReviewAnon. (Mann, Herman)
1797Love and Patriotism, or the Extraordinary Adventures of M. DuportailAnon. (Louvet de Couvray, Jean-Baptiste)Y (France)Y (French)
1798Amelia or the Faithless BritonAnon.
1798The Fortunate Discovery: or, the History of Henry VillarsAnon.
1798The Hapless Orphan, or the Innocent Victim of RevengeAnon.Y
1798WielandBrown, Charles Brockden
1798The Original Letters of Ferdinand and ElizabethDavis, John
1798Reuben and Rachel, or Tales of Old TimesRowson, Susanna
1799Plain Sense, or the History of Henry Villars and Ellen MordauntAnon.
1799Arthur MervynBrown, Charles BrockdenY
1799Ormond, or the Secret WitnessBrown, Charles BrockdenY
1799Edgar HuntleyBrown, Charles Brockden
1799The Step Mother, a Domestic Tale, from Real LifeWells, Helena
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