My rationale for this database is based on Mark Twain quite obviously. We are going to be spending a unit studying some of his most famous and most controversial works. I also included Uncle Tom's Cabin, because it has been argued that that book should be read instead of Huck Finn. We will discover why. I also included many books by many authors, including the man himself, on the life of Mark Twain. This is so that there are many opinions and view points available on his life and work. Overall, I think that I have included the most important books that we will use, and will be available if needed (we might not necessarily read all of them) for this unit on Mark Twain and controversies.
Title Copyright Year ISBN Number Publisher Name Purchase Price Date Purchased Pages
The Adventures of Huck Finn20089780141321097Puffin Classics20120909480
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer20079780192806826Oxford University Press21120909256
Innocence Abroad20019781582182483Trade Paper10120909692
Uncle Tom's Cabin2007978075465514Ashgate90121208280
Mark Twain's Autobiography: An20019780060803568HarperCollins Publisher10123007220
Mr. Clemens and Mark Twain: A1991-67173829Simon & Schuster2110909432
Pudd'nhead Wilson20079780451530745Signet Books1822809176
Printer's Devil: Mark Twain an2006-52023781University of California Press3230807314
Mark Twain's Book for Bad Boys1995-80922420McGraw-Hill1540404192
The Wit and Wisdom of Mark Twa19999780486406640Dover Publications127129864
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