Title Author Last Name Author First Name Genre Genre Genre Dot Color Location Notes Number of Copies Active/Inactive Student Name
One Day in the PrairieYellow with a Black dotPolk
Dolphin Diaries
Paul BunyanYellow with black dotPaul Bunyan and other tall talesJulia Gordon
Paul BunyanYellow with black dotPaul Bunyan and other tall tales. Adapted by Jane MasonJulia Gordon
Kids Book of gross facts2jeffrey strauss
Ajeemah and his Son BerryJamesgreenLazarowitz Matthew
The Secret Of Platform 13 IbbotsonEvaBlue with Black DotFlaum
The Legend of Sleepy Hollow IrvingWashingtonYellow w/ a black dotCassie
The View from Saturday KonigsburgE.Lorange with black dotEmily McMichael
Touching Spirit Bear MikealsenBenLt blue w/ black dotryan neumann
Little WomenAlcottLouisa MayBlueCan I see the entire paragraph if I type more than can be seen on this line?3MJS
Gypsy RizkaAlexanderLloydLt blue w/ black dotryan Neumann
The Black CauldronAlexanderLiyodBlue with Black DotBrad Aretsky
AnimorphsApplegateK.A.orangeLazarowitz Matthew
Mr. Popper's PenguinsAtwaterFloranceLazarowitz Matthew
Puppies in the PantryBagiloBenYellow with Black DotMatt Cohane
Mare in the MeadowBagiloBenYellow with Black DotMatt Cohane
Owl in the OfficeBagiloBenYellow with Black DotMatt Cohane
Owl in the OfficeBaglioBenYellow with a Black dotpolk
Dolphin DiariesBaglioBen M.yellow with black dotSeeley Romaine
Dolphin DiariesBaglioBen M.
Dolphin DiariesBaglioBen M.Yellow with black dotSeeley Romaine
Dolphin DiariesBaglioBen M.Yellow with black dotSeeley Romaine
Chasing VermeerBalliettBlueGreen with Black DotMatt Cohane
Chasing VermeerBalliettBlueGreen with Black dot
Abraham's BattleBanksSara Harrellorange w/ black dotCassie
Abraham's BattleBanksSara Harrellorange with Black dotkogan
Abraham's BattleBanksSaraOrange with Black DotBrad Aretsky
On My HonorBauerMarion DaneBlue with Black DotFlaum
Amazing InventionsBergerMelvin and GildaPeter Mercedes
Otherwise Known as Sheila theBlumeJudyLazarowitz Matthew
Double FudgeBlumeJudySeeley Romaine
Double FudgeBlumeJudyYellow with Black DotJake Newman
Circle of GoldBoydCandy DawsonGreen w/black dotRyan Neumann
CADDIE WOODLAWNBrinkCarolgreen with Black Dotjeffrey strauss
The Moves Makes The ManBrooksBruceRedNewbery Award Book1Brad Aretsky
What HeartsBrooksBruceGreen with Black DotAbby Gabriel
Eagle SongBruchacJosephgreenLazarowitz Matthew
Eagle SongBruchacJosephgreen with black dotRuggiero Anthony
The moon and IBryarsbetsyjeffrey Strauss
The Big WaveBuckPearl S.Yellow with Black Dot2Jake Newman
SOS TitanicBuntingEveOrange with a Black DotJordan
Cracker JacksonByarsBetsyOrange with black dotRuggiero Anthony
The Cybil WarbyarsBetsygreen with black dotjeffrey strauss
The Cybil WarByarsBestyGreen with Black DotSeeley Romaine
The Summer of the SwansByarsBetsyorangeLazarowitz Matthew
The Summer of the SwansByarsBetsyOrange with black dotSeeley Romaine
The Secret Life of Amanda K.CameronAnnReal name of the book is, Secret Life of Amanda K. WoodsAbby Gabriel
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