You name Have you taken Calc 1 online? What texbook do you currently have? What edition? Have you taken Calc 1 course at Middlesex?
sateemanolarson hostetleryes
Asia DavidsonNo, on campusHave not purchased it yetYes
Melinda RiveraNoCalculus, Larson, 8th editionYes
Chris TaylornoCalculus Single Variable 9thYes
Heewon ParkyesCalc Single Var, 3rd, Smith/Miyes, 131IN
Russell AnonsenNoCalculus: Single Variable 9thNo
Ryon T. FarmerNo9th edition of the textNo, DeVry in North Brunswick
Matthew MudricknoLarson 8th Editionyes
Thomas AlmasiyesLarson 8th editionYes
Marius SturzoiuYesLarson, 8thYes, on line.
Lexi HaNoCalculus Single Variable - LarYes
Albert Launocalc single var., larson, 9thno
Marius SturzoiuYesLarson, 8thYes
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