The database I created could be used by students over the summer in order to begin buying their books for the upcoming school year. The information could be listed on the schoolís website or through a direct public link to this exact data base. When looking at the database, each text is listed by title and ISBN number. Additional information such as date of publishing, publisher name, and number of pages can give students and parents more detailed information about the books. The purchase price and the date of purchase listed can help make parents aware of the textís current availability and any budgeting issues. Teachers may also use this as a summer reading list or an introduction to texts on the first day of class. I can see how this type of database could be useful in many educational purposes as the year continues.
Title Copyright Year ISBN Number Publisher Purchase Price Date Purchased Pages
The Diary of Anne Frank19802987678948294Harper209400
To Kill A Mocking Bird19559894765789209Brill15-2009165
Boot Camp20078974958768904Simon & Schuster7-2008500
Speak19998776567898012Scarecrow Press13-2023240
Thirteen Reasons Why19998765334523789Jay Asher9-2028174
Before I Die20079880564873452Random House11-2007233
Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac19998903456738928Prentice Hall10-2019147
The Hunger Games20069908764567890Townsend Press4-2028263
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