Your name Do you know that your first WebAssign assignment is due 09/21/09? What does it cover? Do you know that your second webassign assignment is due 10/03/09? Do you need any additional help?
Lexi HaYesI'm having a little trouble with integrating the triangles into the process. Such as the problem tan(cosec 1/2), something as that. I know secant is the inverse of cosine, then cosec is...? I saw the example in the book, but that wasn't enough to really help me understand the concept of integrating triangles into the problems. If you can help explain that a little more in detail it will surely help. Thank you.
Ryon T. FarmerYesYes, I posted a homework question on WebAssign.
Mark MindlinYESNot yet
Matthew Mudrickno - didn't look yetI'm ok right now.
Thomas AlmasiYes
Heewonyesnot yet
Albert LauYes, I do nowNot right now, but I'm sure the 9/21 assignment covers 5.3,5.6,5.7,and 5.8, not just 5.3,6, and 7
MelindaNow I do.Yes. I will e-mail you with my questions
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