Using databases is a great way for teachers to get organized. With all the things a teacher must keep track of it is important to find a solution that is quick, accessible, and convenient. Online databases are accessible anywhere there is Internet connection, which allows teachers to keep track of their records whenever they are at a computer. It is important for teachers to keep in contact with their studentsí parents. Using an online database allows teachers to store address and contact information in one convenient location. Databases can also be used to help teachers keep track of the books they read. Teachers must learn to accommodate the curriculum for their students. To do this teachers can keep a database of all the books they have read (that would be appropriate in the classroom) and then refer to this database when creating the curriculum for a new school year. Teachers can even consider incorporating databases into their curriculum. For example, students can create databases to organize their assignments and keep track of all their written work. The possibilities for using databases as an organizational tool are endless.
Title Copyright Year ISBN Number Publisher Name Purchase Price Date Purchased Pages
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American Born Chinese2008978031238448Square Fish102009240
Ghost World2001978156097427Fantagraphics Books9200980
To Kill a Mockingbird2006978006112008Harper Perennial Modern Classi112008336
The House of the Scorpion2004978068985223Atheneum102008400
Twilight2006978031601584Little, Brown Young Readers72008544
Mourning Becomes Electra1992978185459138Nick Hern Books92008162
The Metamorphosis2006978160096422Waking Lion Press10200694
Elsewhere2007978031236746Square Fish72008304
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