By learning how to design, manipulate, and retrieve database information, a teacher can use this system for several educational purposes. It can helpmaintain student information to track meeting standards. It can help keep addresses for mailings to parents, faculty members, and other important school institutions. It can help keep track of student readings, maintining classroom library records, and even creating files of lesson plans linked to standards, topics, and units of study. It is an electronic filing system that helps organize collections of questions and answers. The possibilities are endless. One can even use it for keeping attendance. For the specific situation that I created, the list of books can be used as a handout for students. It can be given out at the beginning of the year, even in an email, for the required books that would be needed for class. It makes it easy for students to find. It gives out all the necessary information about the book, such as the ISBN number, publishers name, and even the purchase price at the time it was purchased. This gives student the idea of how much they would spend. Everything is becoming electronic. The online database program serves as a very helpful program that is easy to use and beneficial in countless ways that can make teaching organization easier.
Title Copyright Year ISBN Number Publisher Name Purchase Price Date Purchased Pages
The Sound and the Fury1990679732241Random House Inc.1361007326
The Catcher in the Rye1991316769487Lb Books78503288
I Was Doctor Mengele's Assistant20018390699273Oswiecim3972002215
Robinson Crusoe2001375757325Modern Library810509282
To Kill a Mockingbird1985446310492Grand Central Pub105502284
Me Talk Pretty One Day2001316776963Back Bay Books1581209272
Slaughterhouse-five1991440180295Dell Pub Co891007215
Perks of Being a Wallflower1999671027344Mtv Books146509213
Dracula200314143984Penguin Group USA1110208352
As I lay Dying199067973225Alfred a Knopf Inc1311007267
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