As a teacher of English I believe that students need to become inundated with a multitude of works differing in both perspective and writing style. The books chosen to be used in this course represent just that. For example, many people believe John Wayne to be the apex of western portrayal, however author Chuck Norris presents that viewpoint that it was indeed Clint Eastwood that revolutionized the western industry. Such differing viewpoints are essential in order to create a greater understanding of differences in people and perspective within students and prepare them for life outside of an educational institution.
Title Copyright Year ISBN Number Publisher Name Purchase Price Date Purchased Pages
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Clarissa Explains It All19931623457885645Nickolodean Inc.25112597875
History of The Beets19882133465386546Nickolodean Inc.89112597337
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Cooking: Pituatary Gland19548345284534932Science Books411259775
HGH and You20029536092389047New York Printing77112503888
Yeah Yeah Yeahs19991239032692465We Love Music100112502867845
How to Spell the Number 619549568536765836Spelling and Counting76112502999999
Neoconformist Culture20027843859360340We Donut Con-Form6611250277779
Eastwood vs. Wayne20008554254579564Eastwood Over Norris100112502100
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