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Using a database is a way for educators to organize and quickly access a variety of information. In this instance, a book list was organized in a matter of minutes and cn be easily accessed or changed as needed.
Title Copyright Year ISBN Number Publisher Name Purchase Price Date Purchased Pages
The Lost Symbol20091786736544109Random House202009253
Coraline20082876457290861Simon and Schuster102007134
Twilight2008977667389265Little Brown252008345
Naked20098874665738292Random House82006189
Utterly Monkey20039373656365242Penguin Books122004202
Misfortune20021098644552611Harvard Press132001247
To Kill a Mockingbird19651938376455251New York Printing71999172
Waiter Rant20071998746524151Michaels and Sons192007264
Dead to the World20099836524425626Ballatine82009296
Slave Day19964765334452600Scholastic112000187
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