This is a great tool because it allows the students and parents to view the books for the semester. This book database also allows students to view a possible list of books and can promote reading outside of class. This database is easy to use and allows the parents to view the prices. It also allows for easy online ordering because of the ISBN number that is included.
Title Copyright Year ISBN Number Publisher Name Purchase Price Date Purchased Pages
In Fact20059780393362665New York Press139405440
Writing True20069780618375635Houghton Mifflin122704387
Reading Reminders20018173857590485Boynton Cook159502325
Making The Journey19996382873920484Heinemann334307498
Beebo Brinker20016327385732923Cleis111902233
Stone Butch Blues19951555838538373Alyson Books153499290
Well of Loneliness1990386823782372Anchor Books138508437
The Color Purple19823454657568546Harcourt Inc.98709287
Struggle for Equality19998728472947284McGraw Hill113409137
Les Guerilleres20079892857894758University of Illinois107908321
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