Rationale: This database will be helpful because the information is organized so that it can be found quickly. It is another way to file and keep track of books that will be incorporated in a class.
Title Copyright Year ISBN Number Publisher Name Purchase Price Date Purchased Pages
Luna20069780316011273Little Brown Books83109256
The Lovely Bones20049780316168816Back Bay122709352
Lucky20029780316096195Back Bay71608258
The Jungle19749781603035330Penguin Modern Classics63600412
19841981978045152493Signet Classic107399268
Pride and Prejudice20079780764203886Bethany House Publishers143708368
Sense and Sensibility19959780451187901Signet83796320
Northanger Abbey20029780375759178Modern Library77503220
My Antonia19969780878910342Research and Education Assoc.4639896
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