This tool allows students, parents, and teachers to share information about what books students are reading for class. It would also be a great opportunity to make reading suggestions for students outside of class. The ISBN number also makes for easy online ordering.
Title Copyright Year ISBN Number Publisher Name Purchase Price Date Purchased Pages
Writing True20064859302758493Houghton Mifflin Company139509396
In Fact20057940275028674W.W. Norton and Company138105440
The Color Purple19827893057204873Harcourt146707288
MakingThe Journey20067298492785943Heinneman305607322
Beebo Brinker19627859275894278Cleis Press138507233
The Well of Loneliness19288796754645634Anchor Books137609437
Stone Butch Blues19931435436743211Alyson Books159608237
Struggle for Equality20074316657232167Mcgraw Hill138906156
Reading Reminders20007878466382940Boynton Cook268606327
Les Guerilleres19717872994775992University of Illinois Press138907144
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