This database would be helpful in the classroom to keep a running, searchable list of what books are in the classroom. This way, the teacher always knows the amount of books he or she has in the classroom and can reference the database to keep his or her book inventory current.
Title Copyright Year ISBN Number Publisher Purchase Price Date Purchased Pages
Where the Heart Is1995446672211DoubleDay122009-07-01376
The Giver1993553571338Bantam72009-01-01180
The Guardian2003446527793Time Warner152009-01-01371
Feeling Sorry For Celia2000312287364St. Martin's152009-01-01265
Second Helpings2003609807919Three Rivers Press112009-01-01349
Sloppy Firsts2001609807900Three Rivers Press112009-01-01280
The Awakening199255321330Bantam52009-01-01211
The Red Badge of Courage1997451526473Signet72009-01-01226
Star Girl2001439444438Knopf92009-01-01208
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