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This will be helpful for both me and my students because it is an easy and accessible way to find information about the required texts.
Title Copyright Year ISBN Number Publisher Name Purchase Price Date Purchased Pages
The Night Trilogy19729780809073641Hill and Wang159909337
The Great Gatsby19938769034827859Wordsworth Classics138109163
Where the Wild Things Are19889867473928522HarperCollins11540848
Luna2004316011274Little, Brown and Company171705248
Other People's Children19959782957927908The New Press137404223
Media Education20039783929581098Polity143034374
Romeo and Juliet19658938387170577Laurel-Leaf Book Company53303130
Big City Cool20028684919485900Peresa Books82709175
Metaphors We Live By19808758372959898The University of Press65409278
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